A sweet reminder…

Matthew 28:20 “Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

The sweet reminder. Father Joe used the above scripture in his homily this morning and even though I’ve heard this particular scripture hundreds of times, it is ever so amazing. Sometimes you just simply need to hear the words that no matter what you’re going through, have been through, or will go through; “I am with you ALWAYS!” Those words whisper, well, SHOUT, a peace into your life.

NOTHING can take these words from me. Jesus Christ is with me always. I am so grateful to Him for these words! Thank God that He is with me always.


A challenge to myself…

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about going to Daily Mass. I work a weird schedule in that one week I work Wednesday and Thursday only, and the next I have Wednesday and Thursday only off. I know that Sunday is the day of obligation when I need to attend Mass and that Daily Mass is not an obligation. However, given the fact that I am able to attend a weekend Mass only twice a month, I am going to challenge myself to go to Daily Mass ATLEAST once a week if not every time that I am given the chance to do so.

I am wanting to learn so much about my new Church and I really can’t think of any better way than jumping in heart first, feet second, and just surrounding myself with our Lord and His Holy Church! Pray that I am able to accept this challenge. I know it doesn’t seem that hard to do, but trust me, with one kid, another on the way, and the thousand other things that Satan throws at us on a daily basis, things can and sometimes do get a bit more hectic than you would think.

Again, this is just another step I am taking in this journey. I am LOVING every minute of it!

My meeting with Father Joe…

Well, I called IHM to inquire about enrolling in the RCIA classes coming up later this year and I scheduled an appointment with Father Joe, who is the Assistant Pastor at the parish.

I’m not sure what I quite expected but after leaving, I felt that whatever it was, I was satisfied.

He asked me several questions like what turned my thinking towards joining the Catholic Church, am I in my first marriage, did I have any Catholic family members or friends. He said that he was a bit concerned that I actually have no Catholic connections giving that it is certainly tough to be a proud, open about your faith type of Catholic around here. As I said in an earlier post, you get those dirty looks and ridiculous comments. I understand the concern but that is actually probably the least of any concern that I have had. That seems to be more Tiffany’s concern. I must say, however, Father Joe is actually the very first Catholic that I’ve ever spoken to besides one who worked for my grandfather, but we never spoke about church. Now, I wish he would have taken the time to speak to me about the Catholic Church 6-7 years ago.

Either way, today went well. This next year will be a long process, but it is one that I am so looking forward to. I am having a new baby, and I will be received into the church (next 12 months, not 2008). Tiffany is taking this journey with me and I was worried in the beginning that she wouldn’t, but although she is a bit nervous, not even her nerves stop her from recognizing the truth when presented to her in scripture and tradition. I know that I will only accomplish this journey with praying, fasting, and keeping my heart and mind open to God and closed to Satan.

Lord, guide me.

Something funny…

Something that I’m sure has been out for a while, but I seen it today and found it quite funny. 🙂

Why is the Bible Belt so unbiblical?

As I said earlier, I hit a small snag. My wife, Tiffany, and I were talking about the Catholic Church. Living in the bible belt, it’s difficult, especially, for someone just converting to Catholicism without having a deep knowledge when it comes to Catholic apologetics.

You get the dirty looks, the smug faces, the ridiculous pedophile jokes, the tone of voice changing in the midst of a conversation about Catholicism. Like I said, it’s rough. I feel that I’ve handled myself quite well with 80-90% of any criticism that has come my way. Tiffany, on the other hand, has decided to stay mostly quiet so that she won’t have to deal with any of these problems. She brought up the point that although she believes a majority of what she has heard from me, read in Rome Sweet Home and Catholicism for Dummies, and what she has gotten from the internet, it is still something that people around here assume that you should be embarrassed by.

I am not embarrassed, but that is the attitude of a lot of people around us. “Why would you want to go to a church like that?” “You guys sure got out of church early considering everyone had to bow and worship Mary before leaving.” Things like that get old… quick.

I simply ask for your prayers to keep my head up and my faith strong. 🙂

Back In 5… no joke.

Sorry. It’s been a while. I’ve been pretty busy getting settled in the new house and everything. I hope you’ll forgive me and stay with me as I hit a snag but am continuing on with my journey to Rome. 🙂

My New Home…

Yeah, it’s been a few days since a post with words. 🙂 I’ll break my silence now and catch you up with two weeks.

Tiffany was a bit reluctant at first. She is worried people will say something out of the way to her considering that we live in the “bible belt.” Catholic Churches, although more than one would expect, are not near as present as your Baptist churches are. Around here, most Baptist are pretty much closed-minded and believe that a majority of Catholics are going to burn in hell. Go figure. I convinced her that it’s worth a shot. Jesus was persecuted, made fun of, spit on, and beaten – look where that got Him. 😉

Anyway, last week, we visited Our Lady of the Highways. It wasn’t bad but there was something definitely missing. It seemed a bit more rehearsed than my previous visit to Our Lady of the Rosary. The people were nice and the Priest was nice but as I said, something was just missing. Anyway, I enjoyed it mainly because it was just 7 minutes from our new house. Unfortunately, that’s not a good reason to go to church.

Monday we moved into a new house. We’re getting settled in just fine. Thanks for asking! 🙂

This morning, we visited Immaculate Heart of Mary! Tiffany went with me. This morning, we both left feeling like we had been to church! God was present and it was an amazing feeling. I loved the homily, the music, the Priest was an incredible speaker, and the people, especially the guy we first talked to when we walked in, were amazing. The church is beautiful. The service was beautiful. Sunday was beautiful. Then Tiffany got sick, but got over it, and we continued on with our day. 🙂 I am off work Wednesday and Thursday and I’ll take one of those days to speak with the Priest about starting RCIA and hopefully working something out with my funky work schedule. Thank God for IHM!

One week, and I’ve found TWO new homes. One to lay down in and one to worship my Savior in.

God Bless!